Talk & Walk

Be spontaneous and join this perfect and special event for early birds to go for a 1-hour-walk in the morning and have an English conversation. Neuroscientists have proofen that walking plus all kinds of cyclic feet-moves make the hypocampus grow.


So, get registered for free and let's meet for a spontaneous morning-walk to speak English. Walk the mind on a bright morning and make yourself breath in deeply to gain energy and a clear spirit for the challenges of the day.


This is a free service of FLEXIBLE LANGUAGES.        

Dates and time are flexible, after you have been registered and agreed to be added to the Talk & Walk WhatsApp-group, you will receive an invitation to join as soon as the weather is perfect for this morning walk and English talk tour.


Walking in fresh air and nature which creates a relaxed athmosphere makes you talkative and inspired at the utmost.



In cooperation with the Katholischen Bildungswerk a TALK & WALK event

early in the morning will take place on the

8th of June 2020 at 7:30 am.

We will meet to start in the

Jägergasse 25, 4730 Waizenkirchen.

Please be there on time. We'll enjoy a 1-hour-walk in Waizenkirchen.

In case the weather isn't fine, we'll meet on 8th of June 2020 instead.

Prebooking required!+43 680 302 8001 or There is no fee, it's a free service.

Just have fun, be sociable and communicative.



For more information don't hesitate to contact Brigitte, mobile 0680 302 8001 or send me an email using the form below.


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